Minggu, 27 April 2014


The first thing i'm do going to was invited him to vacation with friends in the beach more so she can entertained even though only temporarily. i'am not going away from her but I will embrace letting him cry so that this  heart was a little quiet. then I would invite him to bow demanded forgiveness to God and begged him to get past the central problem she faced at this time. after I that will give advice to fill their subject don't get aborted and she don't and he don't do things you don't want to commit suicide it just makes her boyfriend feel glad to have destroyed his life.
While the problems her parents did not approve of him I can not intervene too much, I can only give advice and action. I would advice too him so that he would  get back to her parents and apologize for what his has done and explained to his father and his mother that she will not aborthe unborn child, she has to take care of thei subjects as well as good although if her boyfriend doesn't want the responsibility. and from now until the next she has to  transfrom into a human reply is much better.
And for man son, i will invite my friend to demand a liability. By bringing the auntetic evidence to the presence of both parents the man. with the hope that her boyfriend can chage minds anf he would marry my friend. and of my friend, i was able to draw on the wisdom and be more careful in the association so as not to fall into free association.

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