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Tugas Exercise 35-40

Exercise 35 : Passive voice
1.             The president is called everyday.
2.             The order members is being called by John.
3.             The document to the department was delivered by Martha.
4.             The amendment have been repealed by the other members.
5.             The information had been received by the delegates before the recess.
6.             The supplies should be buy by the teacher for this class.
7.             Mr. Watson will be called tonight.
8.             Considerable damage has been caused by the fire.
9.       A new procedure was being developed by the company before the bankruptcy hearings began.
10.         The papers will have been received by John. 
 Exercise 36 : Causative Verbs
1.             Leave
2.             Repaired
3.             To type
4.             Call
5.             To paint
6.             Write
7.             Lie
8.             To send
9.             To cut
10.         Sign
11.         Leave
12.         To wash
13.         Fixed
14.         Published
15.         To find
Exercise 37 : Relative Clauses
1.             Whose
2.             Whose
3.             Which you spoke yesterday
4.             Who the highest in the school
5.             What
6.             Who
7.             Whose
8.             Whose
9.             What
10.         What
11.         Whose
12.         What
13.         Whose
14.         That
15.         Whose
Exercise 38 : Relative Clause Reduction
1.                  George is the man who represent the committee at the convention.
2.                  All of the money has already been released and accepted.
3.                  The papers on the table belong to patricia.
4.                  The man brought to the police station confessed to the crime.
5.                  Mary Allen is the girl who drinking coffee.
6.                  John’s wife a professor, has written several papers on this subject.
7.                  The man that talking to the policeman is my uncle.
8.                  The book on the top shelf is the one that I need.
9.                  The number of students have been counted. The number if students is quite high.
10.              Leo evans, a doctor, eats in this restaurant every day.
Exercise 39 : Subjunctive
1.                  The teacher demand that the student left the room.
2.                  It was urgent that he call her immediately.
3.                  It was very important that we delayed discussion.
4.                  She intends to moving that the committee suspends discussion on this issue.
5.                  The king decreed that the new laws take effect the following month.
6.                  I proposed that you should stop this rally.
7.                  I advise you take the prerequisite before registering for this course.
8.                  His father prefer that he attends a different university.
9.                  The faculty stipulate that the rule be abolished.
10.              She urge that we found another alternative.
Exercise 40 : Inclusives
1.                   Not only
2.                  Not only
3.                  Both
4.                  But also
5.                  Not only
6.                  Not only
7.                  As well as
8.                  But also
9.                  As well as
10.              Not only

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